Nforce 4 will be born on the 19th October

Nvidia will introduce its flagship chipset on October 19th. Nvidia will introduce two of its three chipsets – its mid range Nforce 4 Ultra and Nforce 4, while it will leave the Nforce 4 SLI launch for a later date.

There are two different reasons being attributed for this. One is that Nvidia has some software problems with its SLI driver while Nvidia’s argument is that it actually doesn’t want to put other single PCIe slot chipsets in the shadow of the flagship SLI performance king.These chipsets will support all sockets for Athlon and Opteron CPUs including 754, 939 and 940; will support DDR 400 memory; one to two PCIe graphic ports; S-ATA and S-ATA RAID; Sound Storm 7.1 and Nvidia LAN.

News source: The Inquirer Nvidia will introduce the SLI chipset when it decides it’s the right time to do it, but it won’t take long. The 65 driver series will support SLI setups and should be ready soon. OEM and beta versions of this driver are already available, even with WHQL certification.


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