InfoDome announces beta release of InfoDome 1.0

New Online Database Tool and Solutions Available
for Free in Beta Release

InfoDome, Inc. announced today the
beta release of InfoDome 1.0, a new visual way to create online database

Under development for two years, InfoDome 1.0 promises to revolutionize the
way databases are created and used. According to Dave Kleinberg, CEO of
InfoDome, Inc., "Unlike software databases that are hard to share and other
online tools that are either limited in functionality or clunky to use, InfoDome
is visually driven and powerful. With just a few clicks, database authors,
website designers and spreadsheet users can create flat-file or relational
databases from scratch, by importing their data, or by customizing pre-built
solutions. Using 100% visual WYSIWYG tools, they create forms and advanced
reports to let remote users access and manage data, and create and share their
own reports. With another click or two, the solutions can be embedded in their

InfoDome 1.0 features include:

  • Create an online database solution from scratch, by importing existing data,
    or by customizing pre-built solutions
  • Import Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, FilemakerPro, .csv and text files
  • Fully visual drag-&-drop WYSIWYG tools to create forms & advanced
  • Easily share forms and reports with specific users, with granular rights
  • Instantly create and embed forms in a website (as HTML or Flash)
  • 100% browser based, no hardware, software, programming or IT required
  • Developers can use REST API’s to integrate with other applications
  • Encrypted passwords (256-bit), secure transport (SSL, HTTPS), secure data
    center with physically separated user databases

InfoDome will be officially released in Q1 2010. Pricing will be
subscription-based, with a free plan for limited use and full-feature paid plans
starting at $20/month. Participation in the beta is free.


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