Green Car NewsCatalyst is now an on-demand intelligence platform

Green Car NewsCatalyst is an on-demand intelligence platform used to track and analyze news- and technology breakthroughs on the global hybrid-/electric car market.

As from today, the Green Car NewsCatalyst also includes global utility suppliers involved in hybrid-/electric vehicle technologies, V2G and smart grid integration in the automotive industry.

Utility suppliers such as E-ON, Vattenfall, Duke Energy, RWE, EDP, Dong Energy, Scottish & Southern Energy, Iberdrola, Fortum and Endesa are monitored in relation to their activities in the green vehicle industry.

The core idea of the NewsCatalyst concept is to bring each analyst, salesperson, product- and business developer a personalized access to the developments affecting his or her specific segment of the hybrid-/electric vehicle marketplace.

The Green Car NewsCatalyst covers current developments on:

Vehicle & component manufactures:

BYD, Fiat, Tesla, ZAP Motor, Think, Toyota, Renault, Nissan, Bright Automotive, Fisker Automotive, Azure Dynamics, Volkswagen, Ford, General Motors, A123 Systems, Valence Technologies, Sanyo, Celgard, Axion Power, All Cell Technologies, ECOtality, Enerdel, LG Chem, Kokam, Maxwell Technologies, Altairnano, UQM Technologies, Magna, Raser Technologies, Quantum etc.


Charging stations, lithium-ion batteries, smart-grid, electric & hybrid vehicles, diesel electric vehicles, battery technologies, fuel cell technologies, hydrogen hybrids etc.

Infrastructure suppliers:

Better Place, Coloumb Technologies, Elektromotive, Gridpoint, GE Energy, ClipperCreek, AeroVironment etc.

"I regard the Green Car NewsCatalyst as the most comprehensive electric & hybrid vehicle intelligence solution I have seen so far. The content is validated by information specialists and the interface of the solution is easy to use and gives great value for money at a price of $360 per year."


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