OCZ “Garbage Collection” Firmware for SSDs

OCZ not only is at the forefront of the Solid State Drive (SSD) market
for our diverse product offerings, but also for our unrelenting
dedication to supply our customers with the latest firmware updates so
they can get the most out of their high-performance SSDs. OCZ is in
close collaboration with our controller partners including Indillinx,
and have been able to offer a specially tailored “Garbage Collection”
(GC) feature for our Vertex and Agility Series to restore performance. Check out the article to see the Enterprise Storage Forum’s interview with our VP of Product Management Eugene Chang, and how OCZ has lead the way in regards to end-user SSD support.

Among the vendors with innovative garbage collection approaches are
Indilinx, OCZ Technology Group, and SandForce. OCZ takes a different
approach to garbage collection, said Eugene Chang, vice president of
product management
for OCZ Technology Group."Our drives are engineered with garbage
collection or TRIM support, with the actual implementation dependent on
the drive architecture [such as internal RAID], intended target market
and application," he said.

Chang added that OCZ’s goal is to keep SSD performance at peak
levels over the drive’s lifespan. OCZ, he said, uses two basic garbage
collection methods: incorporating the maintenance within firmware, and
providing user-initiated tools to accomplish the same task. OCZ
provides three different garbage collection methods, said Chang.Some
OCZ drives feature idle-time garbage collection in the firmware,
including PCI-Express and high-capacity 3.5-inch SSDs, which aim for
high-performance endurance. OCZ’s mainstream 2.5-inch SSD solutions
ship with TRIM support, which is enabled on Windows 7 and various Linux

For users who prefer Windows XP
or Vista, OCZ provides a manual garbage collection tool that can be
initiated at the user’s discretion, said Chang, noting that the company
also provides a garbage collection upgrade firmware for XP and Vista
systems. "Garbage collection is just one more tool in OCZ’s feature
sets that helps sustain the revolutionary performance of SSDs over the
long term," said Chang.

To view the entire article, please visit www.enterprisestorageforum.com.



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