Canon launches PartnerNet portal for channel partners

Canon UK, world leader in digital imaging technology, has announced the roll-out of its new PartnerNet portal for its B2B channel partners. Over 80% of both selective and open distribution partners are now using the portal to support their sales process.

    *      PartnerNet provides personalised gateway to up-to-date marketing, sales and support information
    *      Helps B2B channel partners drive sales of new and existing  products through tailored information appropriate for individual roles and target markets
    *      Access to expert advice through the portal complements the existing relationship between Canon and its partners

The intuitive web-based communication platform provides the tools a partner may need when selling a Canon product or solution, from marketing materials and sales collateral through to service and support details. The site is also updated on an ongoing basis so that partners can be sure they are using the most up to date information.

Each user is provided with an individual login to the site so that they are able to access tailored information for their role and target market. Providing a personalised level of communication in this way ensures that all the relevant people within Canon’s partners, from Partner Principals to Marketing and Sales individuals, are given access to the appropriate level of information and sales promotions and training tools, which match their business needs.

As part of the site, partners can also pose questions to experienced Canon professionals in the ‘Ask the Expert’ section. This works in the form of a private message between the user and an account manager or technical expert, although individuals can also search and view previous answers within the support area. This additional level of support will complement the existing relationship many partners already have with their designated account manager but for partners who do not normally have this level of access it can be an extremely valuable tool to support their business.

Matthew Searle, Director, Canon Partner Channel, Canon UK & Ireland, said, “Vendor portals can be a valuable source of information and support, helping resellers with everything from the technical aspects of products to support with sales and marketing. Collating this information in one place instantly provides resellers with the tools and information they need to attract prospective customers and close a sale. This may include product overview presentations, accessories guides, consumables compatibilities, competitive advantages and case studies. Importantly for us it also ensures that the end user has the best possible experience of the Canon brand.

“Canon’s PartnerNet will be a really valuable tool when we come to launch new products in the market as we will be able to ensure that all of our partners have instant access to the product details and collateral they need. The marketing support will also help give them the ability to promote our products effectively, with access to materials such as banner ads, electronic and printable Direct Mail, flyers, product images and brochures, all of which they can personalise with their own logo and details. For partners that have limited experience in this area, having access to these marketing materials and expertise from a vendor will help them effectively reach out to new and existing customers.”

As the Canon Partner Programme continues to develop, individually accredited Partners in the UK will also get access to additional information through the PartnerNet portal to give them the assets they need to improve efficiency, productivity and ultimately increase sales.


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