ZumoDrive Launches New Release With Seamless Media Experience

The First Killer App for the Netbook Allows Users
to Consume All their Personal Content in iTunes, iPhoto and Other Media
Applications Across All their Devices

ZumoDrive, the personal content
mover that brings consumers’ content to all their devices, today launched a new
version of its innovative service that makes it easier than ever to have music
playlists, photo albums and document folders accessible at any time on any
device. The enhanced service is a perfect addition to users’ second and third
devices, as it instantly populates them with all one’s personal content while
eliminating the need for traditional synchronization and the associated tedium
and inefficiency involved.

ZumoDrive is a centralized storage location in the cloud that integrates so
tightly with netbooks, tablets, smartphones and standard computers that all of a
user’s personal content becomes instantly available on these devices even if the
content is not stored there locally and without any drop in quality of the media
experience. For example, users may rely on ZumoDrive to keep their iTunes music
and playlists in sync across multiple devices. Their music libraries will then
be updated across their devices (and playable in iTunes) whenever new music is
added anywhere, without wires or content duplication and with maximum storage
and bandwidth efficiency.

"We are quickly moving to a world where people have a primary computer and
multiple mobile devices. People need a way to quickly and easily move all their
media between these devices," said David Zhao, CEO of Zecter. "ZumoDrive is a
simple, fast service that allows consumers to have all their photos, music, and
videos with them all the time on all their devices."

New features in ZumoDrive’s latest release include:

  • Folder linking – link any folder to ZumoDrive just once and all additions
    and changes to the folder will then be reflected in ZumoDrive forever.
  • Content auto detection – eliminate the need to search for content; ZumoDrive
    automatically detects content on any device and asks users if they want it
    linked to ZumoDrive.
  • Improved iPhone app – supersize your iPhone and carry all of your music,
    photos and documents with you.
  • Playlist syncing – listen to iTunes playlists on netbooks, tablets and
    smartphones, even if they were created on another PC.
  • Photo albums – easily turn any folders with pictures into web albums that
    are immediately shareable through ZumoDrive. Photos from iPhoto and Picasa will
    be linked to ZumoDrive automatically.


ZumoDrive offers consumers tiered storage options up to 500 GB to best fit
their needs. Full pricing details on storage options are available here: http://www.zumodrive.com/pricing.


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