Enhanced integration between QuoteWerks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Aspire Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of sales quoting software solutions for the global small and mid-markets, announced today an enhanced integration between QuoteWerks and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This enhanced integration supplies functionality in direct response to user and partner requests.

The QuoteWerks to Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration is a powerful link connecting the two applications. It enables organizations to manage their sales operations more efficiently and accurately by automating the quote and proposal generation process. The new integration includes not only the previous features (such as scheduling follow up calls and creating opportunities), but also:

  • Supports multi-tenancy (organizations) environments using Active Directory or Internet Facing Deployment (IFD) authentication methods
  • Enables users to create quotes in MS CRM that are associated with the MS CRM opportunity and populate these quotes with line item detail from the QuoteWerks quote
  • Links to existing MS CRM opportunities rather than having to use a new MS CRM opportunity created by QuoteWerks
  • Opens the MS CRM Opportunity in MS CRM using a button on the Create/update MS CRM Sales Opportunity window
  • Opens a MS CRM contact in MS CRM using a new button on the Soldto/Shipto tab that will open the contact window for the SoldTo, ShipTo, or BillTo linked contact
  • Allows users to schedule a MS CRM follow up call in MS CRM using the button on the Create/update Follow up call window
  • Logs sent emails from within QuoteWerks (using built in SMTP email or by automating Outlook) in the MS CRM history

Furthermore, users can search the entire MS CRM database for an email address by account, name, or phone number. The email address window has been enhanced by adding functionality for users by enabling them to retrieve email addresses from the MS CRM contact or account records linked to the SoldTo, ShipTo, and BillTo contact fields. If the quote is linked to an MS CRM contact, all three email addresses associated with that contact will be listed in the selection window. Additionally, if the document is linked to a MS CRM account, users also have the option to choose from all email addresses associated with the account including all the email addresses of the contacts related to that account.

“QuoteWerks continues to evolve by strengthening integrations with popular contact managers such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM. This enables companies of all sizes and industries to not only utilize the robust quoting capabilities that QuoteWerks offers, but also integrate QuoteWerks with their already deployed software. The demand for speed and efficiency remains an important factor during the sales process and this enhanced integration is just one way QuoteWerks continues to offer organizations a competitive edge,” says Vice President of Operations Brian Laufer.

The enhanced MS CRM integration is available in Build 51 or higher of QuoteWerks version 4.0. Users must be on the Corporate Edition in order to use the integration.


  1. QuoteWerks is a good product – Aspire has put a lot of effort into updating its capabilities over the past few years, and it’s come a long way.

    Though it does integrate, I wouldn’t call it’s integration “seamless” – so Aspire still has issues to work on. For SEAMLESS integration you need a product like Salesforce. Nice to see that Aspire is continuing to bring their product up to speed, in any case.


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