White Paper on Social Technology Strategy by speakTECH

speakTECH, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and National Systems Integrator, has announced the release of a white paper on social media strategy for enterprise.

"Too Damn Fast" outlines social computing’s rapid evolution, the fads that have boomed and faded, and the tried and true techniques that ensure a strong return on investment in any social technology.

The use of Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and a host of enterprise platforms is generating lots of debate, but little clarity: The question of how to effectively harness these tools (and others) for your business is rarely answered effectively.

Author Mack Reed, an Information Architect and Social Computing Strategist for speakTECH, says he developed this white paper to document the insights and expertise that he and speakTECH have garnered through countless social-computing projects.

"Companies today are spending a ton of cash on platforms and software, or rushing headlong into full-bore social-marketing campaigns without focusing on the most critical factor – the people," says Reed. "I wanted to cut through a lot of the noise and punditry about platforms and software and give them a practical guide to building good communities on any platform and keeping them strong and self-refreshing no matter how the technology may evolve in the future."

speakTECH is offering an online version of this white paper at no cost for those interested in expanding their social computing knowledge. To view a copy, click here.

speakTECH is known for its expertise in social computing through its extensive work for MySpace, development of complete social computing solutions for the enterprise, and its involvement in the Social Enterprise Solution Alliance with Microsoft and Telligent.


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