Nokia outlines future of interface Symbian

Nokia says more about the news he has made to the interface of the mobile platform Symbian by next year.

We desire relationships expressed yesterday by Nokia at its Capital Market Day renovate the user interface of the mobile platform Symbian will continue to represent one of the pillars of its mobile strategy in the medium term.

In addition to focusing on smartphones and keyboard especially touchscreen terminals, the Finnish group plans to revise the look of the OS while reiterating its commitment to its bases, refuting rumors of a preferred orientation to Maemo.

According to its forecasts to the year 2011, share instead of terminals in interface Series 40 (the feature phones) which represent a smaller share of sales of the manufacturer, the Symbian smartphones replacing more and more on the segments lowest in the market.

Among the changes to which expect Nokia promises for 2010, thanks to new hardware platforms and enhancements to the software, support for multitouch on an interface with three times more responsive and currently moving to a Scroll to 60 fps instead of 15 fps for more current flow.

At the same time, it’s ergonomics is redesigned to reduce the number of shares to launch a function. Nokia says it well enough, for example 2 actions to access the media player, 8 cons with the current interface and plans to further enhance the Web browsing experience on its terminals.

These advances will be concurrent with the arrival of ^ 3 Symbian and Symbian waiting ^ 4 which uses the Qt environment but will not make his appearance before the end of 2010.


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