Sony focused on 3D, Network, and CSR programs

Sony Group, an official FIFA Partner, today announced its plans to
embark on a series of strategic initiatives focused on its 3D, Network,
and CSR programs, all connected to its sponsorship of "2010 FIFA World
Cup." The activities will kick off on December 4th (Cape
Town local time) to coincide with the "Final Draw of the 2010 FIFA
World Cup."

Details of these activities are as follows:


Corporation and FIFA (Federation Internationale de Football
Association) have today announced an agreement for selected media
rights of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in 3D. FIFA is to produce the world’s first FIFA World Cup in 3D. Up to 25 of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa
matches will be produced using Sony’s 3D professional cameras, which
will provide coverage of the action that is unprecedented in depth,
vividness and excitement to people around the world. By combining the
excitement of the FIFA World Cup with 3D coverage
generated using Sony’s technology and products, Sony and FIFA will
provide the action and emotion of the World Cup to viewers around the
world, and a viewing experience similar to being in the stadiums


beyond existing ways of enjoying football, such as by going to a match
or watching it on TV, Sony will offer new ways of experiencing football
with dynamic realism leveraging Sony’s network platform. For example,
Sony has today opened, the "FevaArena" a communication area for soccer
fans located within "PlayStationHome," an online virtual community
space where PlayStation3 users can meet, communicate and play games by
accessing the "PlayStationNetwork." Through "FevaArena," Sony will aim
to generate excitement around football within the online community by
hosting joint events with other Official FIFA Partner companies, the
2010 FIFA World Cup Official Mascot "Zakumi," and the
South Africa Tourist Association (in Japan), as well as opening an
online avatar football merchandizing shop. The "FevaArena" will first
open in Japan, and then gradually be extended to other regions around
the world.
In June 2009, Sony launched the football web site.
Through this forum, young journalists designated as "FevaCasters" have
been transmitting on-the-scene reports about South Africa, the World
Cup and other FIFA-related events and activities to readers around the
world. Going forward Sony will expand the program, including the number
of "FevaCasters" and the frequency and range of their reports. The
aforementioned "FevaArena" will host "FevaCasters" content, and in
Germany on December 4, Sony Pictures Television "AXN" television network will premiere "Inside South Africa" a weekly program featuring the best "FevaCasters" clips.
Furthermore, as part of Sony Ericsson’s recent launch of their "Extra
Man" campaign, which aims to deliver the ultimate football experience
for World Cup supporters across the globe, the company will soon be
announcing a unique football application which, in conjunction with
FIFA Mobile Content Licensees, will deliver the best football
experience on a handset. Sony Ericsson will also introduce a new way
for football fans to support their team online through a unique social
networking initiative, the "Sony Ericsson Twitter Cup." Further details
will be provided by Sony Ericsson in due course.


is also commencing the following CSR activities towards the first FIFA
World Cup in Africa, based on Sony’s CSR activity policy which centers
on the themes of "Technology," "Participation of (Sony’s) employees,"
and "Partnership."
JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency)," UNDP (United Nations
Development Program)," and Sony are preparing the "For Local
Communities" Project. This project will provide a large screen live
public viewing system incorporating a Sony video projector, Blu-ray
Disc player, and audio mixer which will televise FIFA World Cup
games in HD for free in selected African countries that are sending
teams to the World Cup (tentatively, Ghana and Cameroon). This will be
conducted in parallel with JICA and UNDP’s social awareness project to
end poverty and promote education and prevention of HIV/AIDS, to not
only deliver the dreams and emotion of football, but also contribute to
the social and economic development of these countries.
A similar project co-implemented by Sony and JICA in Ghana (July 2009)
attracted approximately 7,500 people (more than five times the usual
attendance), enabling an estimated 1,100 people (more than three times
the usual number) to receive HIV counseling and testing, contributing
to enhanced awareness of this pressing health issue.
Although South Africa is the host country for the 2010 FIFA World CupTM
there are many people without the economic means to attend the games
themselves. Therefore, the "For the Children" project will be launched
to invite 15,000 South African children to attend the games. This
project will be implemented together with local NGO organizations to
also promote the education and prevention of HIV/AIDS.
Furthermore, Sony launched the "For Local NGOs" project to support NGOs around the world.
In the framework of its extended partnership with FIFA in the field of
CSR, Sony will support Football for Hope. As part of that support, the
"Siyakhona (We can)"- project will provide young leaders and talents in
disadvantaged communities with equipment and training to enhance their
media and communication skills. The project will provide Sony products,
such as "Cyber-shot" digital still cameras and "VAIO" computers, and
training to enhance media and communication skills to young leaders
chosen from around 40 community-based organizations that are part of
Football for Hope, a movement that uses the power of the game for
social development.


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