Supercharge E-Commerce with New, Powerful Add-Ons; Boost Sales

 Michigan-based company,, provides powerful new e-commerce add-ons that help e-shop owners retain customers, improve site navigation and drive sales to a close.

According to Forrester Research, online sales in the US reached $141 billion in 2008 and are expected to reach $229 billion by 2013. Although the economic downturn has impacted overall sales in nearly all other areas, the online sales growth rate has diminished only slightly and continues its upward trend by as much as 13% per year. However, although these e-commerce prospects are promising, electronic shop owners find it increasingly challenging to boost market share, retain customers and close the sell cycle.

Web shoppers are more directed in their shopping habits, tending to have a specific type of product in mind when they shop; however, their attention is easily diverted given the vast array of shops and choices they have to choose from. More successful e-shops adapt quickly to important mechanisms to retain their customers and close sales quickly. These systems employ modules that help their customers browse and navigate their website and improve the overall experience of finding products as well as streamline the checkout process for optimum sales results. Therefore, it is critical to have e-shop software that is extensible and scalable to address changing trends and habits of shoppers. Equally important is having a vast array of mature plugins and add-on modules to extend the e-shop in the necessary ways. comes to the market to address such issues with a series of modules (X-Cart Mods) that significantly enhance the user’s shopping experience. Bringing forth over 15 years of experience in the e-commerce arena as consultants with clients the world over, and employing former X-Cart developers and employees, has not only acquired a keen sense of how to make e-shops effective, they also deploy solutions with in-depth, "proper" integration, as opposed to other providers’ hacks.

Among’s collection of X-Cart modules is AJAXified Navigation, which improves the speed of product browsing. The Testimonials module reinforces customers’ sense of value for products through the shared positive experience of other users. Product Slideshow helps surface the products that might not otherwise be discovered to visitors by cycling through product images randomly in the main area of the screen. Support Desk is a full-blown, integrated customer interaction module that tracks issues and histories of support transaction with customers. The Upselling module significantly enhances X-Cart’s own upsell module by adding upsell products in the checkout process, with images. The Buy Together module allows for grouping multiple separate products into bundled units to be provided at a discount price. These are just a few to speak of.

X-Cart has been an industry leader in e-commerce shopping cart solutions for over 10 years with professional shopping cart software that is ever-evolving with a rich feature set that addresses today’s demanding e-commerce challenges.

X-Cart has been trusted by tens of thousands of electronic shop owners, large and small, primarily because it is a well-designed codebase that is maintained by experienced developers that focus on keeping the solution highly extensible and scalable, unlike many other solutions that are derived from unpredictable open source libraries.

Among X-Cart’s most significant advantages is its support for numerous 3rd party modules that extend the power of the online experience; strong SEO, marketing, and sales, with detailed reports and statistics; support for a long list of payment processing gateways, including Paypal and Google Checkout, that give customers security and choice of payment method; and, numerous other features, including support for sale pricing, coupons, gift certificates, refunds, etc.


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