ASUS selects SanDisk 32GB pSSD Gen2 drive

Flash memory cards provider SanDisk Corporation (Nasdaq:SNDK) announced on Thursday that the 32GB SanDisk pSSD Gen2 drive was selected by PC manufacturer ASUS as the solid state drive (SSD) of choice for its new Eee PC multi-touch netbook computer.

No financial details were disclosed.

According to the company, the SanDisk drive helps enable the small form factor and low power consumption of T91MT, the latest addition to the Eee PC Touch series convertible touchscreen netbook line.

The new netbook, which measures 8.86×6.46×0.99" and weighs less than 1kg (2.12lbs), runs Microsoft Windows 7 home premium edition OS. Its rotating display supports multi-touch gestures such as pinching, rotating and swiping and can function as a tablet PC.

Using a 256-level pressure sensor, the T91MT’s 8.9" multi-touch screen accurately reproduces handwriting, whether written using a finger or the bundled stylus.

The SanDisk pSSD drive includes an industry-standard PATA interface and a Mini PCIe form factor, delivering a range of features that complement the netbook. The 32GB drive’s compact size (weighing 6.4g and measuring 32.2×50.95×3.6mm) and low power consumption (average power of 0.15W) are well-suited to the netbook’s form factor and extended battery life requirements.

The drive also allows ASUS to deliver greater performance to its users, as pSSD offers 9,000 vRPM of performance and employs nCache, a large non-volatile write cache technology that improves burst random write performance.

SanDisk pSSD Gen2 drive supports Windows 7, Windows XP and Linux. The drive comes in a variety of PATA and SATA interfaces and is available to OEMs in capacities ranging from 8GB to 64GB.


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