Diamond Sentry II family of products introduced by PlasmaTech

Secure wireless solutions provider PlasmaTech Inc (Pink Sheets:PMAH) has announced the market launch of its Diamond Sentry II family of products, a line of Wireless Card access control and data acquisition transceivers.

According to the company, the Diamond Sentry platform combines technologies such as ZigBee/802.15.4, cellular, Wi-Fi and Ethernet and satellite connectivity into a unified system for WAN, LAN and PAN Security. It offers multiple modes of use, network interoperability, military-grade encryption and ability to communicate over long distances.

The product line is based on modular, rugged outdoor platforms that support a common set of radio modules providing frequencies necessary to allow worldwide deployment within the FCC and similar regulations for various continents.

By using modular design, the company’s wireless platform technology has a base protocol that enables: integration with older technologies, such as 4-20mA loops used in gas detector and oil field valve controls; creation of large LAN self-healing mesh networks with up to 65,536 nodes (devices) in each LAN; assembly of ad-hoc, peer-to-peer, peer-to-multi-peer, star or mesh networks; adaptation to various bandwidths worldwide, such as 868MHz for Europe and Asia or 900MHz for North and South America and Israel; and dual encryption using the gatekeeper 128 generic cryptographic engine and RF radio.

No pricing details were disclosed.


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