Ooyala Launches Support for RTMPE

Ooyala, a leading provider of end-to-end video platform applications and services, today announced that it will provide enhanced security options for video stream encryption for its Studio and Broadcast customers. In addition to traditional streaming and HTTP delivery, Ooyala’s publishing platform will now support RTMPE (Real Time Media Protocol Encrypted) streams. By leveraging RTMPE, Ooyala’s customers are able to protect against stream-ripping and unauthorized distribution of their content.

According to comScore, 84.4% of the total U.S. Internet audience watches online video on a monthly basis. In spite of this tremendous growth in online video viewership, large Broadcasters and Studios have been reluctant to adopt online video distribution because of limited content protection options. RTMPE provides content owners with a solution for protecting revenue streams, maintaining copyright, and preserving content integrity.

"Studios and Broadcasters hesitate to launch large-scale digital distribution initiatives because they are concerned that the security of their content will be compromised and lead to the cannibalization of their existing revenue streams," says Bismarck Lepe, President of Products at Ooyala. "With this in mind, Ooyala is releasing RTMPE delivery to give media companies more control over how their content is delivered, consumed and monetized." "Ooyala is committed to working with Broadcasters and Studios to maximize their revenues by allowing them to deliver their video content in a secure and measurable manner to all screens – mobile, browser and television," says Jay Fulcher, President and CEO of Ooyala.

Ooyala recently announced the ability to create, manage, and monetize live streams with Adaptive Bitrate Delivery. Additional features launched this month include Advanced Metadata Management functionality, Closed Captions support, and Real-Time Analytics reporting. For more information on these launches click here: http://go.ooyala.com/newfeatures.html.


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