New ReclaiMe Data Recovery Software for easy data backup

The ReclaiMe data recovery team believes the developer’s task is to simplify rather than complicate the user’s life. That’s why they’ve created ReclaiMe – the data recovery software without a single configuration setting.

Recovery test results looking good.
“How many times have you used really simple software recently? Probably not as often as you’d like,” said Elena Pakhomova, Senior Developer of ReclaiMe. “It seems that software has become more and more complex – but we want to change that. We work in the field of data recovery and handle the data lost from the various media. It’s not an easy subject; nevertheless, we wanted to make the process of data recovery as simple as possible for those who will be using our software.”

One may be a good artist or an expert surgeon, but perhaps may not be well versed in computer “guts” – so they may think it’s impossible to recover data on their own at home. Or perhaps they think it is work only for bearded men in data recovery labs or for that geek neighbor. Until recently, there was some truth in this. Just to start the data recovery process one had to answer some strange questions, adjust various settings and then wait a long time to find out whether the data was recovered or not.

The ReclaiMe team decided to change the situation and make data recovery simple for everyone. They developed a universal data recovery tool that was originally thought of as something that can be used without any special knowledge or training. After months of hard work the simple and functional tool named ReclaiMe was born.

“As the ultimate test we asked a granny to recover images from the memory card of her digital camera (of course, we helped her insert the memory card into the card reader), and she did it!” Pakhomova said.

One of ReclaiMe’s greatest features is that it offers users the ability to immediately see the result of the recovery process. The user launches the program and a couple of minutes later the first batches of recovered files start arriving, and the data can be previewed. This gives the user the ability to look at the data even before the recovery is completed.

ReclaiMe works with the FAT and NTFS file systems used by Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The software recovers data from various media, such as memory cards of all possible formats used in all kinds of modern digital devices (e.g., cameras, mobile phones, MP3-players and PDAs), USB thumb drives and external and internal hard drives. The company is currently developing ReclaiMe to work with Macintosh and Linux disks.

“The main principle of our work is still the simplicity of data recovery for everyone,” Pakhomova said.


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