MoodTune on top on Apple’s App Store Rankings

Just days after launching into the iTunes App Store, MoodTunes is climbing up the top seller list in the Music Category. MoodTunes is an innovative application designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch that quickly creates and shuffles playlists based on the users’ mood. Creating and editing Moods is quick and easy. Once one customizes the moods to his liking he can simply select a mood and the first song in the playlist will immediately start playing as the remainder of the playlist is being generated. Once the playlist completes, the app can be exited and the playlist will continue playing.


Playlists are the most common way for someone to address their desire to have a group of songs that matches their mood, feelings, or activity. The two main problems with playlists are creation time, and monotony. Making playlists can be a time-consuming activity that seems rewarding once complete. However, any given playlist grows old fast and leaves other songs that may match the mood to be reflected buried deep in the library never to be "discovered". MoodTunes masterfully resolves both these problems by always coming up with unique playlists for each mood, so that the listener is always pleasantly surprised and there is no regret over the time lost in manually creating a playlist.



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