PayPro support for Google AdWords and Google Analytics

PayPro announces cross-sell pop-ups and support for Google AdWords and Google Analytics

PayPro Global, international eCommerce solution provider, announced the availability of advanced new features for cross-promoting products and integrating sales data with Google AdWords and Google Analytics. These new features provide software vendors with a safer way to sell software online, increase sales and a more efficient process for optimizing advertising expenses.

PayPro’s new cross-sell pop-ups are an innovative approach to a common problem. When a customer is ordering a product online, a traditional cross-sell presents the customer with the option to purchase a related product prior to them completing their order. Unfortunately, this can sometimes cause the customer to abandon their entire order.

In contrast, after a customer has completed their order, PayPro now allows vendors to present the customer with the option to purchase a related product. This feature has been specifically designed to reduce the risk of customers leaving the order page before finalizing their order.

“We decided to provide vendors with a non-traditional method of cross-selling,” stated Matthew Silverman, CEO of PayPro Global. “Now they can realize the benefits of cross-selling, but without the risks.”

The PayPro platform is also now integrated with Google AdWords and Google Analytics, enabling software vendors to accurately track sales and optimize their advertising investments. Vendors can transfer PayPro sales data to their Google account, including the following information: order ID, total order price, tax, customer location, product ID, name, price, and quantity purchased.

“We are continually investing in the development of new features that our customers will value,” added Silverman. “The ability to accurately track sales is a perfect example. And there are many more to come.”


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