Fairytale Fights White Room Demo Now Available on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network

Playlogic Entertainment, Inc., an independent
worldwide publisher of entertainment software, is thrilled to announce
today that the Fairytale Fights White Room Demo will be
available just in time for the holidays! To commemorate the holiday
shopping season and White Room Demo launch, Playlogic has also slashed
the retail price of Fairytale Fights throughout Europe and North America.

The Fairytale Fights White Room Demo is available now on Xbox
LIVE in North America and Europe, as well as PlayStation Network in
North America. The demo will be available on PlayStation Network in
Europe on December 10, 2009. The White Room Demo features a 90 second
countdown timer, offering players the chance to experience firsthand
the blood stained mayhem and visceral thrill of carving up enemies with
a range of weaponry and glory attacks!

“This demo will teach
you everything you need to know about Real Time Dynamic Slicing, combo
building, special moves and other gruesome possibilities.” Said Rogier
Smit, Executive Vice President of Playlogic International.

“This is the most gruesome demo ever to land on a console,” said Little
Red Riding Hood. “Furthermore, the White Room allows you to perfect
your combat skills and combo building, so it’s just as useful for
people who have already purchased the game.”

”I am lowering Taxes for the residents of Taleville,” heralded the
Naked Emperor. “During my recent quests I have gathered much loot.
Therefore my imperial wardrobe expenses have been drastically cut and
I’d like to share my economic success with all my subordinates by
cutting taxes on certain goods, including Fairytale Fights the video
game. This tax relief will only be active for a limited time so please
grab your copy now!"


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