Nokia Siemens Networks “Resilient IP” (ResIP) center

Dedicated resources help telecom’s IP transformation; reduces time to market for new services by 30%

Since 2000, Nokia
Siemens Networks has helped Communication Service Providers (CSPs) from
over 100 countries move to IP-based networks. In the company’s
“Resilient IP” (ResIP) center, expertise in engineering, design,
configuration and testing of IP scenarios are combined to cut time to
market for new services by at least 30%, while increasing the
resiliency of the services.

Going beyond simple
IP routing knowledge by offering a deep understanding of the design of
IP networks across every element, the ResIP center’s work reduces
implementation risk when new services go live in a network. CSPs can
take advantage of end-to-end designed, configured and tested IP
solutions including the ability to test network failure and traffic
overload in IP environments.

“Based on significant hands-on experience over the past nine years,
we have developed design rules which enable telecoms operators to
transform their networks to IP easier and faster than doing it
themselves,” said Ed Chang, head of Nokia Siemens Networks’ IP
Connectivity business line.

Nokia Siemens Networks’ ResIP environment is based in Munich,
Germany, and Espoo, Finland and is furnished with equipment for the
leading IP vendors Cisco and Juniper Networks, combined with access,
aggregation and transport technologies to prove end-to-end solutions.


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