Fanless, Maintenance-free Ethernet Switches Expand MEN Micro’s Rugged MIPIOS Line

MEN Micro Inc., a world-renowned provider of embedded computing and I/O solutions for mission-critical industrial, mobile and harsh environment applications, has expanded its new MIPIOS line of rugged embedded modular computers and components to include two new IP67-compliant Ethernet switches, the managed RS1 and the unmanaged RS2.

Each features eight Fast Ethernet ports on standard M12 connectors with support for both full- and half-duplex operation as well as high-speed non-blocking and store-and-forward switching with auto-negotiation. Layer 2 switching (IPv4/IPv6), quality of service (QoS) support with four traffic classes IEEE 802.1p and three-level 802.1q security and an 8K MAC lookup table with automatic learning and aging are also standard on the switches. Two redundant power supplies provide a nominal 24 VDC, with a 9 V to 36 V input voltage range.

The RS1 can be configured via an HTTP web server, a command line interface (CLI) such as RS232, Telnet and SSH, or an SNMP version 3. An external dongle can be connected to the service connector to store and update switch configuration. The RS2 can employ an application-specific EEPROM that enables it to act similar to a managed switch with fixed settings, giving it features atypical for an unmanaged switch, including port-based priority and VLAN.

As part of MEN Micro’s MIPIOS line, the new switches are fanless, maintenance-free and extremely rugged allowing them to perform reliably in the most demanding environments. Typical applications include extreme and mobile applications found in commercial and industrial environments.

The highly reliable, convection-cooled switches are fault-tolerant and automatically restore themselves, so if a link becomes unavailable temporarily, it will function correctly after the disturbance without the need for a reset or restart. The RS1 and RS2 also have a built-in test mechanism for increased reliability.

Two power inputs enable the connection of a backup power source that automatically operates if the primary source fails. The switches also feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) power sourcing equipment (PSE) functionality to supply power to two additional devices on ports 1 and 2.

Each aluminum switch measures only 8.7" x 5.1" x 2.8" (220 mm x 130 mm x 70 mm). Operating temperature ranges from -40 degrees C to +70 degrees C, extendable up to +85 degrees C for short periods according to EN50155 class Tx. The switches have no socketed components for exceptional shock and vibration resistance. Internal electronics are prepared for conformal coating.

Pricing for the RS1 is $1,733 and $1,153 for the RS2. Delivery is six weeks ARO.


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