YouSayToo’s Revolutionary Business Model

YouSayToo is an innovative revenue sharing community for bloggers all over the world; joining YouSayToo is fast, free and profitable. The site uses Google AdSense to help its bloggers earn revenue and shares the ad impression in their blogs 50/50. Bloggers can start a new blog and also add existing blogs. YouSayToo also has a unique feature that allows bloggers to donate their earned revenue from Google AdSense to a cause of their choice on YouSayToo’s Cause page. The Cause page features focus groups that "provide clean water" and fight "malaria, cancer, HIV/AIDS, and global hunger." YouSayToo is different from other social blogging sites because its capabilities include an "Add Your Blog" feature which allows bloggers to centralize all of their existing blogs to one site. Bloggers can add their existing blogs from sites such as LiveJournal, Blogger, WordPress, and Typepad directly onto YouSayToo. After users add their existing blogs from other sites, all new entries are imported into a YouSayToo blog. This allows bloggers to make additional revenue from Google AdSense ads and increase their readership. YouSayToo is also a great place for people interested in gaming. The site features an "add game" application that lets bloggers upload flash games to their YouSayToo blogs.

YouSayToo 2010 Holiday "Add Your Blog" Awards YouSayToo is ringing in 2010 by hosting a holiday awards for 10 coolest blogs. Nine lucky bloggers will receive fun gifts of their choice and the first place winner will be rewarded with a $1,000 holiday dream gift of their choice! YouSayToo will first nominate 30 blogs which will be posted on the YouSayToo web site.

To take part in the awards: Participants add their blogs to YouSayToo and then write a "dream gift post" about it. The entrant must discuss 1. YouSayToo’s Awards,  2. Which $1,000 holiday dream gift they want to win, and why they want it, 3. And which of YouSayToo’s other gifts they’d like the most if not chosen for first place, and 4. Why their blog should win. The post must be at least 500 words. The "dream gift post" must be tagged under "YouSayToo Awards." Contest specifics and rules can be found at this signup link:


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