DAILY RFID PDA RFID Reader/Writer with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPRS

DAILY RFID has unveiled its new series of PDA RFID Reader Writer in LF or HF version. These user-friendly PDA RFID terminals are ideal for industrial and outdoor applications with its WiFi, Bluetooth and GPRS wireless transfer functions.

lightweight Handheld PDA RFID Readers/Writers DL710/DL720 are suited
for information management, information collection or data transfer. They are designed optional with combining LCD touch screen or user-friendly keyboard, and integrated with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPRS functions.

as a handheld RFID PDA, the DL710/DL720 offers you enhanced wireless
communication and data capture functions. Its standard communication
port includes RS232 and USB interfaces, which can be contected with
most devices, thus giving practical application. Besides, the
integrated 128MB SDRAM and 64MB Flash ROM can help to protect data from
resets or even complete power loss.

lightweight, simple key operation and user-friendly interface features
make the PDA RFID reader convenient to use. fit for most mobile RFID
applications, such as inventory management, logistics, garment
processing, luggage handling, parcel-postal delivery and cashless


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