iPod gets better with iPhoto

The iPod music player saved Apple’s bacon, not to mix metaphors.Now it looks as if an additional function, coupled with a definitely major enhancement, will further boosts its popularity – and Apple’s profits.

A new(er) 60 gig unit with a 2″ color screen is destined as Apple’s new high-end player, says ThinkSecret.With iPhoto synchronization, audio/video-out capabilities and Toshiba’s 1.8″ hard drive, it’ll sell for $500.”The 2-inch color screen is identical in size to other iPods, but will sport a higher resolution for photo viewing,” says the story.”However, the new device’s real shining feature will be its video-out port, which will enable users to tote their photo galleries with them, ready to be plugged into any television for big-screen viewing.”

And, says ThinkSecret, it’ll be out in time for Christmas.

News source: p2pnet.net


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