New Data Center Spec Uses Web Services

According to, Microsoft (, Sun ( and three other hardware vendors published on Monday the Web Services Management specification, which explains how data centers can use Web services as a remote management access protocol to manage networked and handheld devices, PCs and small footprint servers like blades.

Co-authored by AMD, Dell and Intel, the specification leans heavily on the WS-architecture as a common language for devices to communicate with management data. WS- is a core set of Web services specifications (WS-Policy, WS-Trust, WS-SecureConversation and WS-Federation) that cover security, reliability and transactions.

News source: According to the report, the authors of the specification are seeking comments before submitting it to the standards body for ratification.

Microsoft has committed to incorporating WS-Management into the next upgrade of Windows Server 2003, due next year, the report said. Sun is also expected to include WS-Management in its Windows-certified systems, N1 Grid and Sun Management Center products to ensure interoperability with Microsoft management products. Intel is expected to use it to manage its blade chassis.


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