Sibblingz Social Gaming Platform for Console and Game Developers to Free to Play across Facebook, iPhone and Web

Private Beta Developers to get access to Art and
Social Design Resources and Managed Server Infrastructure in Cloud,
with no up-front costs

Sibblingz Inc., a company incubated in YouWeb, which also incubated
highly successful social gaming companies Crowdstar and Aurora Feint,
today announced the world’s first cloud based game server that enables
console and game developers to quickly design and build games using
virtual goods and micro-transactions. Unlike other attempts in social
gaming to provide games on social networks and mobile devices,
Sibblingz platform actually enables the same game to be played in the
same social context across Facebook, the iPhone and the Web. Facebook
Connect is supported in the platform across all three channels in order
to support the common social context.

"I am really excited
about offering a universal social gaming platform that will let users
play the same game with their friends anytime, anyplace", said Ben
Savage,co-founder of Sibblingz. "We believe this is interesting to both
indie developers and large corporations who want to deploy their
entertainment content across multiple channels".

Private Beta Program

begins its private beta today and interested game developers can view a
demo of a multi-channel game and sign up on Selected
private beta partners will have no upfront costs to develop on the
Sibblingz platform. Instead the only cost of doing business with
Sibblingz is based on a revenue sharing program.

taken us almost two years to develop the extraordinary capability of
the Sibblingz platform", said Peter Relan, Chairman and co-founder of
Sibblingz. "But now we finally can offer to game developers what is
considered the holy grail of social gaming: develop game content once,
and deploy across all the channels where users want to consume this
content while keeping the same social context".

Developer Endorsements

an iPhone game developer, Sibblingz’s multi-platform framework will
allow us to also develop for the facebook community, thereby fully
realizing the social, always-availble app we’ve dreamed of making."

-Ayumusoft Team

Sibblingz Platform: How it Works

the Sibblingz Platform involves choosing a social game design and
developing it a common set of API’s across the web, facebook and the
iPhone. These API’s in turn access a common game back-end located in a
cloud server farm, so the details of each user’s game state is shared
across all the front-ends.

From the end user perspective
they can in turn log into facebook and send a friend challenge, then go
to a coffee shop and while standing in line check on the status of
their progress in the social game, and late at night play for an hour
in a web-based mini-game to earn points or currency that is time based.

Availability and Pricing

Platform is available now for selected private beta partners, who may
contact Sibblingz directly, or sign up at The
revenue share program is available under NDA until the private beta
ends in Q1, after which both the platform and revenue share details
will be made pubicly available.

Aurora Feint and CrowdStar are trademarks of Aurora Feint Inc, and
CrowdStar International, iPhone is a trademark of Apple, and Facebook
connect and Facebook are trademarks of Facebook.


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