XBOSoft Delivers Presentation on Testing Web Applications

Phil Lew, CEO of XBOSoft, recently spoke at the
Applied Sciences College of Beijing Union University in Beijing, China.
Students at the university pursuing associate and bachelor degrees in
computer science and software engineering were among the attendees.
Lew’s presentation addressed the topic of testing web applications and
in particular, the special considerations required for performance
testing web applications when there is increased user group variation.
"Testing web based applications requires a different approach and
mindset when compared to the conventional software applications of
yesterday. User diversity, behavior and the platforms they use are all
magnified" explained Lew. "Performance deserves special emphasis as
even the most prolific feature set and functionality will be termed a
failure if users walk away due to slow performance. And now with SaaS
business models, they can leave and sign up with another software
vendor in minutes" added Lew.

The presentation was part of a
series arranged by the University to enhance the students’ curriculum
with guest lecturers bringing real world experience. It also introduces
students to local companies in preparation for their entry into the job
market. "This venue is an excellent way to for XBOSoft to fuel its
growth with highly enthusiastic young students." Lew commented.
"Surprisingly, technical challenges are not high on their list of
hurdles. Rather, transitioning from exams and writing academic reports
to a job and life outside of school is the biggest challenge."

"Feedback from students was positive," reported Professor Dai from the
Beijing Union University. "The students really enjoyed Mr. Lew’s talk,
especially on the issues in adapting to work life and how to deliver
value to the customer. Those are lessons that they can’t get in a
typical classroom setting."


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