McAfee Integrated Zero-Day Malware Protection Network Security IPS Solution

McAfee, Inc. today announced the McAfee Full Spectrum
Network Defense solution, which delivers on McAfee’s commitment to be
the world’s leading network security vendor. This announcement features
major enhancements to the McAfee® Network Security Platform, including
day-zero malware detection, network threat behavior analysis, and
application-level security. The solution includes Network IPS, User
Behavior Analysis, Network Threat Behavior Analysis, Network Access
Control, and McAfee Firewall Enterprise.

“Organizations typically lack the ability to see the full spectrum of
network threats,” said Charles Kolodgy, research director at IDC. “They
need deeper insight into the whole set of threats in order to provide
full protection for critical business systems such as data centers.
Integrating threat detection provides full visibility when inspection
isn’t enough or when it isn’t feasible for cost or scalability reasons.
In an incredibly dynamic threat environment, the ability to detect
malware in real-time can provide tangible benefits.”

Today’s announcement reinforces McAfee’s innovative approach to solving
the toughest challenges in network security. Full Spectrum Network
Defense is the first solution to integrate a network intrusion
prevention system with behavioral analysis tools to provide additional
visibility across the network, real-time threat protection technology,
and enterprise risk assessment tools.

“Customers have come to rely on McAfee for the best network protection
available, and our commitment to them is to continue to innovate and
break the molds of traditional Network IPS and firewall capabilities,”
said Dan Ryan, executive vice president and general manager of the
Network Security business unit at McAfee. “With Full Spectrum Network
Defense, we are reinforcing that commitment by integrating best-in-class
security technologies into our network defense products. We will
continue to deliver on customer demand by providing powerful new tools
that extend visibility into the vast unprotected areas of the network.”

Industry-Leading Advancements in Network Security

Full Spectrum Network Defense identifies traffic, users, content and
applications, and defends against any threats that may exist across the
network. The solution is powered by McAfee® NetPrism technology,
McAfee’s patented protocol analysis approach to network threat
protection, and features enhanced interlock between network security,
endpoint security, and global threat intelligence, to deliver the
world’s most advanced threat protection. New features being announced in
the Full Spectrum Network Defense Solution include the following

  • Real-time malware protection – McAfee is the first and only
    vendor to offer day-zero malware protection, enabled by McAfee®
    Artemis technology, which is tightly integrated with IPS. Supported by
    threat sensors distributed around the globe and McAfee’s proprietary
    threat analysis, IPS is able to provide ‘pre-protection’ against zero
    day malware, in addition to our leading vulnerability-based network
  • Network Threat Behavior Analysis – McAfee is releasing a new
    set of threat analysis appliances, which provide a comprehensive way
    to inspect the entire network for threats and correlate network
    behaviours. Additionally, McAfee is the only vendor to provide Layer-7
    flow export. This, when coupled with network flow data, empowers
    security analysts to ‘turn on the lights’ across the network with
    visibility into users, data, and applications.
  • Integration with McAfee Risk Advisor – McAfee’s unique decision
    support tool empowers administrators to immediately identify which
    systems are vulnerable to an attack that is underway. By analyzing the
    vulnerability state of endpoints and the countermeasures currently
    deployed, this new feature will enable IPS administrators to rapidly
    deploy a signature to ensure protection of devices pre-patch.
  • Network Security Management – The single Network-centric
    console manages all aspects of the solution, including real-time
    threat analysis and integration of global threat intelligence feeds.
    McAfee IPS and behavior analysis solutions are the only solutions that
    offer native integration with McAfee® ePolicy Orchestrator™
    security management console.


McAfee Network Security Platform M-series appliances are available
today, with Version 6.1 software available in December. Pricing for the
Network Security Platform M-series starts at $10,995 US. Network
Security Platform T-series is generally available in Q1 of 2010, with
pricing starting at $26,995. Exact pricing depends on customer
requirements, selected model and associated add-on modules.


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