X-FAB Launches Third-Party IP and Design Partner Network

X-FAB Silicon Foundries , the
leading analog/mixed-signal foundry and expert in “More than Moore”
technologies, today announced new strategic and technical customer
support services that speed time-to-market, optimize supply chain
organization, provide faster access to technical advice, and offer
cost-savings for business unit design managers, project managers and
foundry interface managers. Available now, the new services include:

  • IP
    Partner Network & IP Search – Online service developed in
    cooperation with external partners and third parties; makes it easy for
    X-FAB customers to access intellectual property (IP) for X-FAB’s
  • X-CHAIN – A design and supply chain
    partner network that helps customers connect with appropriate parties
    to meet business needs covering the entire IC value chain
  • Mixed-Signal
    Place & Route Service – X-FAB in-house technical support that
    offers chip layout service for Customer-Owned Tooling (COT)
    technologies, reducing costs
  • Electrostatic Discharge
    (ESD) Consulting & Review Service – X-FAB in-house technical
    support that taps X-FAB’s extensive and highly specialized ESD
    expertise for analog/mixed-signal design; X-FAB believes it is the
    industry’s first such service

According to Thomas
Hartung, vice president of marketing and sales at X-FAB, “These new
support services reflect X-FAB’s focus on our customers, and provide
new capabilities to accelerate the development cycles for their highly
specialized analog/mixed-signal products. The services are an important
step forward in our strategy to help them achieve ‘first time right’
silicon for such complex designs. By ensuring our customers receive the
kind of support and information they need, and their designs are
optimal, we can further their success.”
Strategic, economical resource alignment
new IP Partner Network and IP Search service lets X-FAB customers
identify and search for silicon-proven IP by technology or geometry,
with immediate results. Most of the offered IP is completely verified
and proven with X-FAB’s production processes. Reusing blocks rather
than building them from scratch saves time and expense. This new
service formalizes a practice already in place to ensure optimal
quality results for customers. It is accessible on X-FAB’s corporate
website in the “Third-party Services” section.

design and supply chain partner network platform provides a structured
way for customers to search online, region by region, for contact
information and other data about qualified design and supply chain
partners worldwide. These companies either have worked with X-FAB
already, or currently are actively engaged with X-FAB in chip
development or other areas such as test, assembly, supply chain
management or turnkey IC solutions. Search results highlight each
company’s offerings and expertise – analog, RF, high-voltage or MEMS,
for example – and provide contact information.  The service is free of
charge, easy to use, and readily available to all X-FAB website
"Most customers are looking for turnkey solutions,” said
Dr. Harald Schenk, deputy director of the Fraunhofer IPMS institute
that is renowned for its ASIC and MEMS design expertise. “The X-CHAIN
partner network offers companies a comprehensive service portfolio from
first feasibility study to mass production, covering every stage of the
value chain."

In-house technical services support chip design
all COT technologies, X-FAB’s new Mixed-Signal Place & Route
Service eliminates the need to outsource the Place & Route
function, purchase expensive tools in-house, or hire a layout
specialist. X-FAB does the block assembly of the chips instead.
Customers send X-FAB the data about their digital and analog blocks or
cells in the form of netlists, including floorplanning and timing
constraints. X-FAB arranges them in the right format and returns
parasitics for post-layout simulation; layout vs. schematics (LVS); and
design rule check- (DRC) as proven GDSII files ready for mask
production. This approach ensures the layout meets X-FAB’s design rule
requirements, makes sure the design is manufacturable and robust, and
speeds time to market. Pricing is determined on a project by project

X-FAB’s new ESD Consulting & Review Service provides
personal consultation during ASIC design to make sure ESD protection
concepts are implemented correctly and the ASIC achieves the required
ESD robustness. In-house X-FAB experts identify any weaknesses; review
requirements, circuits and layout; check that all ESD aspects are taken
into account, and give advice about how to make the design robust and
ESD-safe. The service supplements extensive documentation, design
guidelines, and an ESD Checker tool and technical hotline service; its
cost varies depending on the design.  

IP and design partner platform, and X-CHAIN are accessible immediately
via X-FAB’s website. The ESD design review and Mixed-Signal Place &
Route service are accessible immediately via X-FAB’s technical hotline.


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