Red Earth Software warns of privacy breaches in cc mass mailings

Red Earth Software, developer of email filter software for Exchange Server, warns that companies are unknowingly exposing themselves to the potentially harmful effects of unauthorized cc mass mailings. Cc mass mailings occur when one email is sent to many recipients in the Cc (or Bcc/To) field, exposing valuable customer data and potentially resulting in privacy breach claims, as well as damage to the company’s reputation. Red Earth Software is offering a white paper detailing the potential risks of these types of mailings and how they can be prevented.

“Although these mass mailings are usually unauthorized, most companies do not have the tools to block the mailings from leaving their company network,” says Mike Spykerman, CEO of Red Earth Software. “The fact is that even with user training and corporate email etiquette standards, any Outlook user is just a few clicks away from sending a cc mass mailing, resulting in unauthorized customer data exposure, potential privacy breach claims, damage to your company’s reputation and possibly an email storm if ‘Reply to All’ is used.”

Red Earth Software’s white paper ‘Preventing Privacy Breach – Why you need to block Cc Mass mailings’ details how these mailings can occur, what the potential risks are, and how they can be prevented.


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