Samsung introduces mobile system Bada

South Korea’s Samsung has presented in London the new mobile operating system called "Bada" ( "ocean" in Korean). Cause he a tidal wave in the world of mobile OS, mainly dominated by Symbian, Blackberry OS, Android, Windows Mobile and Mac OS X Mobile?

In any case, the wish that Samsung has developed 3 different systems that its range of smartphones in 2010: Android, Windows Mobile and Bada. Exit system Symbian, which should be developed with Samsung, at least in the short and medium term. The company has unveiled its new Bada which will be integrated in future smartphones upscale brand.

"Bada is our new mobile system. For developers, it will provide an opportunity to create applications and services on millions of new phones. The operators will in turn fully customize and integrate. Samsung is one of the biggest players in Europe. Bada is the new flagship of Samsung mobile for Europe ", said Sh Shin, president and CEO of Samsung Electronics Europe (photo).

First point, Bada seeks to attract developers including being able to manage the kiosk software brand, the Application Store (with payment by credit card or via his mobile phone bill. An option to buy additional content for applications will be integrated). This shop software will be available in 50 countries worldwide. But why launch a new mobile system on the market? "For the smart phones were originally intended only for professionals. Today, they reside in the pockets of the general public, "says Thomas Richet, director of terminals at Samsung Europe. "We want to democratize the mobile smartphone with good market," he said.

To do this, it promises that Bada is able to manage terminals at multi-touch screen, touch interface TouchWizz 3.0 (the current smartphones use interface TouchWizz 2.0), 3G, WiFi, GPS (with sharing possible GPS coordinates between applications), the sensors, the WVGA and WQVGA resolutions and finally 3D. A demonstration of a smartphone Bada has been made with the running game Resident Evil in 3D without jerks. Finally, Bada can display Flash animations and handle most social networks without external client. With one click, it will be possible for example to integrate Twitter contacts in their address book. Via a series of APIs already available for developers. Twitter, Capcom, EA Mobile, Facebook, Skyfire, Yahoo, Gameloft, Immersion, Opera, Handmark, Konami or lastminute announced their support for this platform.

The first smartphones Bada be issued during the second quarter of 2010. By the end of next year, they should be available on a range of terminals broader and probably more accessible. Samsung said it sold 40 million mobile touch in 2009 and Bada counting on to sell more in 2010. On this occasion, a development competition called "Bada Developer Challenge will see the day. A key, 2 700 000 worth of prizes, including $ 300 000 for the winner. In the third quarter, Samsung had 20.7% market share in the mobile sector (as against 17.1% last year), reducing the gap with Nokia and its 37.3% market share.


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