Google Goggles Visual Search App for Android

Google has been developeing new search application using mobile phones’s images as a data source for content searching. Today Google held a launch event at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA and Introduces "Google Goggles".

Now the "Google Goggles" application is available to Android phone owners which uses user photos to generate search results about their subjects.

"Google Goggles" google labs product for Android 1.6+ allows Android phone users to search by Search by Sight.


Search by Sight

When you connect your phone’s camera to datacenters in the cloud, it becomes an eye to see and search with. It sees the world like you do, but it simultaneously taps the world’s info in ways that you can’t. And this makes it a perfect answering machine for your visual questions.

Perhaps you’re vacationing in a foreign country, and you want to learn more about the monument in your field of view. Maybe you’re visiting a modern art museum, and you want to know who painted the work in front of you. Or maybe you want wine tasting notes for the Cabernet sitting on the dinner table. In every example, the query you care about isn’t a text string, or a location — it’s whatever you’re looking at.



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