Suitcase to carry the iMac 27

Trade-show exhibitors, media, motion picture and graphic-art professionals high on indestructible transit solution

for an important trade show or presentation naturally creates stress
for everyone involved.  Getting there and setting up is easy enough. 
The dreaded moment arrives when carrying cases must be opened.  Has the
essential Apple iMAC 27-inch LCD screen with aluminum keyboard and
mouse landed safely?  There is never any doubt for those photographers,
media artists, videographers and digital editors who travel with
CaseCruzer’s new indestructible transport solution.


Trade show
exhibitors and creative professionals will find that performing under
pressure is a walk in the park when traveling with CaseCruzer’s iMac 27-inch Computer Carrying Case. 
The outer shell is rotationally molded Linear Low Density Polyethylene
(LLDPE) that provides superior strength and durability.  The interior
is designed to hold LCD screens in the desirable upright position with
a universal interior foam padding system designed to easily configure
for customized protection.  The airtight and watertight case comes with
an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
The new CaseCruzer shipping
case is ideal for trade shows.  Firms can easily store and transport
their LCD screens, the iMac aluminum keyboards, mouse devices and
display content for booth visitors – without fear of in-flight
turbulence or baggage handlers. 
But the same is true for photographers, videographers, video engineers,
editors, web and graphic designers who work with visual materials on a
daily basis.  Advantages also add up for those who work in motion
picture production, digital cinema and advertising.  In short, any
professional who must travel with an iMac desktop computer – and would
be lost if the 27-inch LCD widescreen were damaged in transit – will
benefit from CaseCruzer’s reliable, reusable transport innovation.
Corner wheels for tilting and convenient maneuvering through crowded
places makes arrivals at distant destinations smooth and easy.  The
iMac 27-inch Computer Carrying Case is also outfitted with two durable cushioned rubber over-molded end handles, and enjoys an ATA 300 rating.
The creative professional’s answer to worry weighs only 36.85 lbs when
empty.  Exterior dimensions are a compact 34.50"L x 13"W x 30"H.  Other
features include a weather-resistant gasket, tongue-and-groove valance
for moisture protection; heavy-duty twist latches that tightly seal the
case; and on each side one pad-lockable latch for the ultimate
protection against theft of belongings.

It is now safe to travel cross country with a prized Apple iMac desktop
computer and 27-inch LCD widescreen.  When hitting the road or lifting
off, graphic artists, gamers and media professionals are wise to think
CaseCruzer: Carrying case solutions that Power Up with Peace of Mind.


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