MSI P55 Online Overclocking Competition Breaks World Record for 15 times

MSI P55 Online Overclocking Competition is now coming to the last week and the competition is extraordinary fierce! In the process of competition in the past 3 weeks, 【Xtreme Speeder】 has broken world records for 15 times, and MSI P55 mainboard is becoming the hottest overclocking option on the well-known HWBOT overclocking website.(

In the【Xtreme Speeder】MSI P55 Online Overclocking Competition, all the leading ones in different benchmarks have rewritten records. In CPU-Z and SuperPi 32M, the French Topalof is at the top, and wPrime 32M has new records rewritten by Coolaler and Andre Yang from Taiwan. With his excellent skill, Andre Yang is tentatively leading between them in wPrime 32M, and breaks all the highest records of Lynnfield series CPU! The players of the singles leading to the last will receive extra US$500 record breaking cream top in addition to the award of US$1,000, making the total reward of US$1,500.

The 15 new records made in【Xtreme Speeder】are listed below:

Overclocker Country Benchmark CPU Score
Topalof France CPU-Z Core i7 860 5735 MHz
Coolaler Taiwan CPU-Z Core i7 860 5486 MHz
Hazzan Indonesia CPU-Z Core i7 750 5404.74 MHz
BenchBros Germany CPU-Z Xeon X3460 5287 MHz
Topalof France SuperPI 32M Core i7 860 6 minutes 53.740 sec
BenchBros Germany SuperPI 32M Xeon X3460 7 minutes 19.063 sec
Hazzan Indonesia SuperPI 32M Core i7 750 7 minutes 5.500 sec
Massman Belgium SuperPI 32M Core i7 750 7 minutes 11.468 sec
Andre Yang Taiwan wPrime 32M Xeon X3460 4s 570ms
Coolaler Taiwan wPrime 32M Core i7 860 4s 690ms
Andre Yang Taiwan wPrime 32M Xeon X3460 4s 700ms
Chaos Poland wPrime 32M Core i7 870 4s 710ms



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