Dailymotion and VideoClix becomes partner

Dailymotion, the world’s 2nd largest online video portal and VideoClix the Global leader in clickable video today announced a new partnership, which aims to change the face of video and in-video advertising. The agreement brings VideoClix’s hypervideo technology into the Dailymotion platform, providing viewers an active and engaging experience, and enabling advertisers with a non-intrusive way to reach their target audience.

With the new partnership, Dailymotion’s 60 million unique monthly visitors will be able to click on any object in a video to play, learn and shop. Viewers can easily find out more about people, products and places. Each click delivers an accompanying ad targeted to the object and viewer. The audience will be able to explore highly relevant brand advertising and directly purchase products featured in Dailymotion clickable videos. Average viewer clicks on objects range from 1 to 3 clicks per viewer per minute with ad click-through-rates (CTR) as high as 55%

“We are very excited about the integration with VideoClix” says Frederic Bellier, the Executive VP of Global media sales at Dailymotion. “It not only turns video into a fun and active experience, but also allows us to enhance the brand experience in and around the video. We pride ourselves in delivering highly targeted audiences to our advertisers in a non-intrusive manner. Pilot projects prove that users love VideoClix, as it’s on-demand, engaging and contextual."

The global deal involves Dailymotion official content, interactive branded entertainment such as webisodes and music videos, as well as user-generated content.

“This partnership brings clickable video to the masses on a global scale” says Babak Maghfourian, CEO of VideoClix. “It’s a win, win, win for audiences, publishers and advertisers alike”.

The first clickable videos are slated for release in January 2010 and the program will extend to Dailymotion’s Motionmaker creative community later in the New Year. VideoClix licensees will also be able to distribute and syndicate their clickable videos on Facebook, iPhone and Dailymotion.

The agreement includes an exclusive launch in Europe as well as specific U.S. Branded entertainment projects.

Economic terms entail performance based cost-per-click and revenue share.


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