Unlimited Home Phone Service on VOIPo

HostGator-backed VoIP provider VOIPo is offering a year of home phone service for $99 with unlimited calling to the US and Canada and 60 minutes of free international calling monthly.

“Today more than ever consumers are looking for ways to save money and this plan allows them to do that. Several of our competitors are offering a “free year of service” when you purchase a year of service for $199, but add inflated shipping charges and other fees which bring the total upfront cost to well over $250. In today’s economy that kind of initial outlay is not feasible or appealing for many consumers.

Our strong financial position and below average marketing costs that come from our partnership with HostGator allow us to offer the savings upfront so that consumers can see real, tangible savings on their home phone bills almost immediately rather than waiting a year to realize those savings,” commented Timothy Dick, VOIPo’s founder and chief executive.

The VOIPo residential VoIP plan offers a year of service for $99 and includes a free phone adapter, free activation, and free shipping. The plan offers residential users unlimited calling to the US and Canada and 60 minutes of free international calling each month. It is a full home phone service package which replaces a landline and does not require a computer to use. The plan includes over 35 calling features including voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, 3 way calling, a free second line, call hunting, and more.

In late December, VOIPo also plans to open up a beta program for its highly anticipated voip reseller program. The program will allow individuals and businesses to rebrand VOIPo services and sell voip services under their own brand. Resellers will pay VOIPo $24.95 monthly for a reseller account and then will purchase the services they sell at wholesale pricing giving them significant profit margins.


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