Gameloft ‘”Driver” Available at Apple Store

The famous driver license from Ubisoft has been declined by Gameloft on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Flying Wild, numerous missions and 3D graphics program.

One driver is no longer present on many platforms that combines fun and diverse missions and steering of cars in the streets of American cities. The license of Ubisoft now has a place on iPhone and iPod Touch via the publisher Gameloft.

It also announced that the graphic engine used here is the same as the original game and the graphics have been redone. The story remains the same: it is embodied Tanner, a cop trying to infiltrate a gang, posing for one of them.

Driver for iPhone includes 4 environments represented by 4 major cities in which to place 40 missions, plus additional modes: Training, Free Mode, Ace Racers …

Gameloft promises made driving wild waterfalls, took turns on the caps wheel, kid breaks and pile-ups that are sure to affect the condition of the vehicle, all in 3D graphics with textures and effects light.

The publisher promises to the heavy, to literally and figuratively, as Driver still weighs a mere 405 MB. It is available on the App Store at a price of 450 INR.


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