SecureSave DVD from Verbatim offers AES-256 encryption

The new SecureSave  DVD  from  Verbatim  is  a recordable  DVD 
that  saves  and  protects files  using  256-bit  AES  software
encryption. Data can be securely stored on the disc and transported
safely  with the  knowledge  that the contents of the disc cannot be
accessed illegitimately. DVDs are available in retail individually
priced at £5.99 (RRP).

Over  recent  years,  newspapers from around the world have been 
littered  with examples of such data being mislaid or "lost in the
post" and misused.   Whether
for  professional  or  private  use, no-one likes  the  thought  of 
storing  or archiving sensitive data that can be accessed by unapproved
people.  This can be true  for  many  files, from financial data, new
product designs,  plans,  legal contracts, images, lists of names and
addresses – basically, anything that would be considered private or

The  SecureSave  DVD’s  256-bit  AES software encryption  prevents 
unauthorised access of saved data through the use of a mandatory
security password. Each DVD- R  is  capable  of  holding  4.5GB and the
software loaded  on  the  DVD  starts automatically, making the process
of encrypting the data on the DVD  very  easy. SecureSave  DVDs also
support multi-session recording, allowing up to  4.5GB  of data to be
written over several sessions.

"With  extensive  research  and development from our parent 
company  Mistubishi Chemical  Group  and our 40 years experience of
providing data storage  products that  deliver  both innovation and
reliability, it should be  no  surprise  that Verbatim  has been the
worlds number one brand in optical media.1 Our SecureSave DVD  is  the
optimal solution for users who wish to ensure their sensitive  data
remains safe, should it fall in to the wrong hands" said Torsten Leye,
Marketing Manager Optical at Verbatim EUMEA.


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