802.11ac new WiFi standard by 2012

The IEEE standard organization expects the latest WiFi standard,
802.11.ac at end of 2012 . It is expected that the first products
with this new WiFi-ac is already appear.

The approval of the 802.11ac by the IEEE standard is scheduled for December 2012, reports Ars Technica. The IEEE is a non-profit organization aimed at establishing standards in the field of electronics and radio techniques.

It is intended that the new 802.11ac will
replace current 802.11n standard. The new standard 802.11ac will provide a maximum data rate of 1 Gbps.
This new WiFi specification would especially like speeds in the 5 GHz
band increase.

In September, the IEEE mentioned that the final 802.11n standard.
Concern began to arise over the 802.11n standard is that it uses the
2.4 GHz band, which starts to get full. In 802.11ac is using 80 or 160-MHz channels also within the scope, while current 802.11n
standard still uses 20 MHz and 40 MHz.

The IEEE is looking with the MU-MIMO technology to add 802.11ac. This allows streams
to multiple users simultaneously through the same channel sent. The
first product is expected well before the end of 2012.


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