Sharp EL Series printing calculators with Microban technology

Taking an extra step to provide its users with new peace of mind,
Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA), a division of
Sharp Electronics, today announced that it has entered into an
exclusive agreement with Microban International to incorporate it’s
silver-based antimicrobial technology in Sharp’s new printing
calculators. Infused into the keys during manufacture, Microban
antimicrobial protection inhibits the growth of damaging bacteria on
the keys.

The agreement is a first for a calculator manufacturer in North
America and ensures that all printing calculators, now shipping, will
have the Microban technology built-in at no additional charge. Microban
protection lasts the lifetime of the calculator and works continuously
to fight the uncontrolled growth of microbes, such as stain and odor
causing bacteria, keeping the keys cleaner for longer than ever before.

“With the growing concern about the presence of microbes in work
environments, ensuring that our calculator products provide added
cleanliness protection has become a top priority,” said, Dan Wynne,
senior director, Marketing, Sharp Imaging and Information Company of
America, Sharp Electronics. "Microban is the leading provider of
antimicrobial protection and their technologies can be found in
products from countertops to vacuums – environments where microbes are
much more prevalent – so we have a time-tested antimicrobial solution
that would truly set our products apart from others."

"Now more than ever, users have to be conscious about the
cleanliness of the tools and instruments they come in contact with
during the day," said David Meyers, President and CEO of Microban
International. "Plastic key protectors and overlays can make
calculators and other products cumbersome to use and inhibit user
accuracy. With Sharp we were able to work directly with them to infuse
Microban protection into the keys, ensuring the highest level of
protection without compromising the ease-of-use that Sharp customers
have come to expect. The end result is an antimicrobial solution that
is totally transparent to the end-user and, most importantly, peace of
mind when using Sharp products."

While Microban protection is initially being used in Sharp printing
calculators, Sharp expects to bring this technology to other calculator
products, as well as other home office products. Sharp products with
built-in Microban technology feature the Microban brand on the product

Sharp EL Series printing calculators with Microban technology are
now shipping. Consumers can find these products in Office Depot as well
as local Sharp distributors.


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