Western Digital brings advanced format for the data blocks of Caviar Green hard drives

Manufacturer Western Digital has a new format for the data
blocks of Caviar Green hard drives are introduced. The data blocks increases
from 512 bytes to 4 kilobytes, which should reduce the amount of overhead.

For years, the logical data blocks of hard disk divided into
sectors of 512 bytes, but as the capacity of hard drives increases, it makes
for much unnecessary loss of space. Each block is flanked by blocks of data because
the writing of data to facilitate accurate. This is especially the block
reserved for ECC error correction or inefficient. Western Digital developed
therefore a more modern format for the data to media and calls this
architecture Advanced Format.

According WD would especially reduce the number of ECC
blocks a substantial capacity gains result: omitting a large part of the sync /
barrier-blocks – the empty spaces between sectors and the ECC blocks – would
the usable capacity of a hard disk with 7 to 11 percent can increase. To ensure
compatibility with older equipment to the Advanced Format firmware emulates the
now usual 512 byte blocks. Windows 7 and Vista can out-of-the-box with all the
4KB blocks handle, Western Digital for Windows XP has a tool available that
made this OS there is still capable.

New hard drives from the Caviar Green series is the first
drives with the Advanced Format technology on board. The platters in the
manufacturing process must be suitable for the use of the 4KB sectors, it is
not possible to already provided a firmware upgrade discs with the new format
still needs. The first 500GB-per-platter drives with AF, in capacities of 1TB,
1.5TB or 2TB are now delivered, they are distinguished by the type number EARS
at the end instead of the 64MB and 32MB large cache. WD expects the Advanced
format within five years by hard drive manufacturers are all used.


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