Rumors on the Apple Tablet

We have received few details about the supposed Apple tablet. Given
the difficulty in crossing the information On this
subject, Its format, roughly is like that iPhone ,like two placed side by side
and one above. It would be a fine rather surprising, as the Kindle is
an example (9 mm). Compare iPod touch is already very late with 11

This tablet would share with just the touch without 3G propose only
Wi-Fi, at least initially. This has the effect of removing components
to gain autonomy and free themselves from negotiations with operators
. Synchronization Mac / PC would also by way of wireless. Still,
without 3G it depends necessarily a hot spot for all that use the

Its screen would have a definition of 144 dpi. There is however less
than an iPod touch (163 dpi). The
tablet is with the next iPhone OS 4. Apple would now turn to the newspaper
publishers with technical specifications under the arm so that the
contents are ready for launch.

Finally, we should point out this video which runs at the moment . In the series of fake, it
is quite well done. See this video 


Apple Mac Tablet 2010



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