WHDI – the first to refer a new technology tansmission wireless video

The final specification of the WHDI standard comes to be formalized. It remains to await the first devices that incorporate this new technology for wireless video transmission.

Announced first time in July 2008, the standard WHDI, for Wireless Home Digital Interface, refers to a new technology tansmission wireless video.

Formalized recently by the industry group that supports (Hitachi, LG, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, etc..) WHDI technology is designed to connect to wireless high-definition devices such as the lounge deck Blu – ray, the video game console or video decoder box that accompanies the Internet but also mobile devices like mobile phones and laptops to the TV.

Taking advantage of the 5 GHz band, the standard WHDI enables the establishment of a communication to 3 Gbit / s or 375 Mb / s within a radius of about 30 meters to display in HD resolution 1 080p (1 920 x 1 080 pixels).

The final characteristics of this new technology is now known, remains to manufacturers who integrate and wait for the first compatible devices know what it is worth to use.



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