Lenovo launched world’s first TD-SCDMA standard-based OPhone smart phones – Lenovo O1

Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Lenovo Mobile") launched the world’s first TD-SCDMA standard-based OPhone smart phones – Lenovo O1, with immediate sales in all local markets in mainland China. The phone is based on Spreadtrum Communications, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Spreadtrum") TD-SCDMA solution, and supports China Mobile OPhone OS smart phone operating system.

Spreadtrum and Lenovo Mobile, in a highly collaborative technical partnership, jointly developed Lenovo O1. This new handset runs on the China Mobile led developed Intelligent Terminal software platform – the OPhone platform. Lenovo 01 uses Spreadtrum’s TD-SCDMA/HSDPA / GSM / GPRS / EDGE baseband chip SC8800S and radio frequency ("RF") chip QS3200. It is currently the first 3G OPhone-based smart phone that supports TD-SCDMA, combining China Mobile’s integrated applications, openness, comprehensive entertainment, business applications and other major features for the mobile Internet. Lenovo O1 is a leading example of successful partnerships among key corporations targeting China’s TD-SCDMA market.

As the world’s first TD-SCDMA OPhone-based smart phone, Lenovo O1 adopted Spreadtrum TD-SCDMA chip technology to support GSM / GPRS / EDGE / HSDPA and meets the demand for convergence of video, interactive e-mail and web browsing among others. The introduction of TD-SCDMA OPhone-based smart phones, represented by Lenovo O1, should greatly push forward the development cycle for China’s TD-SCDMA devices.

Regarding Lenovo O1, Spreadtrum President and CEO, Dr. Leo Li said: "The newly introduced Lenovo O1 is an integration of advanced technology and in-depth research work and an outstanding achievement of the intensive cooperation between Lenovo Mobile and China Mobile. Spreadtrum provides highly integrated TD-SCDMA/HSDPA/GSM/GPRS/EDGE baseband chips SC8800S and RF chip QS3200, which fully meets the functional and business needs of the operators, while effectively reducing product development and manufacturing costs. Leveraging Lenovo Mobile’s excellent technology platform, O1 products possess an outstanding industrial design with an attractive look and feel at a far smaller thickness than other current available smart phone products. We believe that Lenovo O1 has undoubtedly opened the highly potential Chinese 3G market for future and further developments. The personalization and openness features of OPhone will set the standards for mainstream development of future mobile phones."

Lenovo Mobile president and CEO Yan Lv, said: "We are very happy to work with Spreadtrum. Lenovo O1 is the result of complete independent research and development by Chinese companies. Spreadtrum provides Lenovo O1 a very competitive TD-SCDMA solution in both baseband and RF, with highly integrated features at an outstanding cost structure. Additionally, the localized services of Spreadtrum team greatly shortened the time for Lenovo O1 to enter the market. Leveraging Lenovo Mobile’s core business product development and methodology, O1 seamlessly integrates features of PC and cell phone. Its introduction will propel the China Telecommunication Industry towards the new 3G mobile Internet era. We also believe that, fully utilizing the 3G wireless Internet network, Lenovo O1, after its entrance into the market, will deliver enhanced mobile Internet user experience to end consumers."


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