Lanner Electronics introduces FW-7580 network appliance

Lanner Electronics, Inc. today announced the general release of the FW-7580 network appliance, a system built around the Intel G41 Chipset, with 7 network ports, a PCIe (x)8 expansion slot and up to 8Gb of RAM. With high port density and a max speed of 3.0 GHz, the FW-7580 is ideal as a network communication platform. With the Intel G41 + ICH7R chipset, the FW-7580 is an appliance that can support these Intel processors: the Intel Core 2 Duo, Pentium D, Celeron Processors with the LGA 775 socket.

For networking and high density packet delivery there are 7 onboard Ethernet ports, with 1 pair enabled to support a bypass function. The Intel 82574L controls 6 of the ports, while the Intel FW 82562DM controls the other. Other ports include Console and 2 USB 2.0 ports.

The FW-7580 is a 1U appliance that has a maximum capacity of 8Gb of memory from 2 240 pin SoDimm slots. It comes with a PCIe expansion slot with (x)8 lane architecture. There is one 2.5” hard drive bay supported by 2 Serial ATA posts and one Compact Flash connection. It is compatible with Windows, Linux, Open BSD, and Free BSD.

In the small business environment, network communication, control and security are paramount to for everyday usage and maintenance. The FW-7580 is a single network appliance that can be modified to suit any or all of these needs. It can also be used as a network router, helping with WAN acceleration and network access control. Other tasks such as email security and spam control can be handled with minimum difficulty.


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