Swimovate MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) to drive Pool-Mate sports watch

Innovating advanced swim training aids for the fitness industry,
Swimovate Ltd leveraged Texas Instruments Incorporated’s (TI)  ultra-low power MSP430 microcontroller (MCU) to drive its
cutting-edge Pool-Mate sports watch, the first fully automatic lap and
stroke counter on the market. Based on a single MSP430 MCU, Swimovate’s
intelligent Pool-Mate allows swimmers to automatically count strokes
and laps as well as calculate speed, distance, calories and efficiency.

"As amateur tri-athletes, we noticed there were several speed and
distance computers for runners and cyclists, but only extremely basic
swimming aids, ill-equipped to execute the advanced functionality
necessary for training," said Lisa Irlam of Swimovate. "TI’s MSP430 MCU
offered the processor performance, ultra-low power consumption and
direct LCD drive we wanted for the Pool-Mate to effectively and
automatically calculate strokes, laps and efficiency, leaving swimmers
free to concentrate on their technique."

The Pool-Mate is a comprehensive signal processing watch powered
from a 3V lithium coin cell battery without voltage regulators, and
includes an accelerometer and features that enable athletes to time
running, cycling and even triathlons. The watch records total session
statistics, or individual sets and timing rest periods so the swimmer
can see how his or her stroke changes through their workout. All the
data is available for immediate recall and is stored in the large log
for comparison. With an accuracy rate of more than 99.7 percent, the
Pool-Mate is easy to set-up, requires no calibration and will work with
all the major strokes and swimming abilities, from professional to
recreational swimmers.

"The Pool-Mate provides swimmers with a sleek, easy-to-use aid that
eliminates traditional training challenges," said Adrian Valenzuela,
product marketing manager for MSP430 MCUs. "TI prides itself on
enabling customers to solve everyday obstacles, and Swimovate’s
breakthrough swim aid demonstrates how we’ve been able to do that with
the right balance of ultra-low power consumption, performance and
peripherals in TI’s MSP430 MCUs.

TI and Swimovate are committed to delivering solutions that meet
customer needs and provide a unique consumer experience. For more
information about the Pool-Mate, available for $113.86 plus postage


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