Toshiba NB300 detailes by FCC

After Toshiba NB100 and NB200
netbooks that were known for the design.The Japanese company is preparing the launch of
the next Netbook Toshiba NB300. The device is currently undergoing testing at FCC labs . Which
offer us the only picture available. The information on
Toshiba NB300 looks very similar to its predecessor NB200, though with
slight differences very interesting.

By overlaying the bottom of a Toshiba NB200 to that of a Toshiba NB300. It
seems that the Japanese company wanted to respond to criticisms and
suggestions made by users on the current netbook market. The access doors hardware components are larger of those in NB200 and almost touching the edges of the chassis. Placement of ventilation grills also changed. The battery, however retains its very compact size but protrudes slightly from the version from netbook NB200.

Toshiba NB300 will surely be fitted with the new Intel platform Pine Trail and the new Intel Pineview N450. It is not excluded, however the integration of the platform Nvidia ION. Among these specifications, we find a form Bluetooth and a 3G modem. We should have to wait for more information till January at the CES in Las Vegas.


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