Google Introduces a URL Shortener

With a view to share on social networks and others, Google proposes to shorten the URL via the toolbar and FeedBurner.

Google offers a new version of its toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. For now in beta, this toolbar 7.0 offers several new features. While Firefox already includes a similar feature, the Google Toolbar provides location-based Internet Explorer, subject to the express agreement of the user who will travel for example on Google Maps.This makes it easier for users to recall and share the locations of important documents and web sites.

  • Self-service web redirection system
  • Simple integration with Google Apps control panel
  • Easier for users to access & share information


Sidewiki, which allows to comment on the Web, is translated into new languages, while the toolbar is seeing another sharing feature. A Share button lets you share a web page with his contacts through blogs, webmail or unavoidable social networks including Facebook, MySpace but also Twitter.

For the microblogging service with the maximum number of characters is fixed at 140 per message, the toolbar is linked to a valuable service to reduce the URL. This service, which does not stop at Twitter, is also backed by FeedBurner but can not be accessed directly from the browser, unlike other URL reducers like TinyURL or

With Google URL Shortner a shared shortened URL takes the form … (. Gl is an extension of Greenland). According to Google, the service is stable, secure (protection against malware and phishing pages) and quick. Side privacy, Google reserves the right to display various data anonymous as the number of clicks to a URL shortened. If nothing is decided yet, Google URL Shortner could enter into real competition with other services such as becoming a full service (standalone).

While it is rumored that Facebook will also provide a service to shorten URLs (but only for the Facebook pages), one wonders if Google URL Shortner be used by users who entrust and a little more Web Workplace google.


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