Altitude Update Released

Updates to Altitude have been released.

Gamepad Support:

  • Most gamepads and joysticks will
    auto-configure default controls, just plug them in before launching
    AltitudeCustomize your controller under Options -> Controls

New Maps:

  • Added 5 new official maps for 1-life base destruction game mode
  • Added 5 new official maps for 1-life deathmatch game modeThanks to Vi, Wyse, pig_bomb, and others for their contributions

Balance Updates:

  • Improved
    Green Perk "Rubberized Hull" – lighter hull now helps planes afterburn
    out of stallsExplodet now deals +10% damage to bouncy planes (all
    planes on bouncy servers, only planes with rubberized hull equipped on
    normal servers)

Server List Improvements:

  • Added "Max Players" server list filter
  • Improved "Map" server list filter
  • Improved clarity of "Game Mode" server list filter: you now uncheck the modes you don’t want to see
  • Added
    bouncy/normal wall indicator to server listImproved server list
    retrieval code, this should help players who are experiencing
    disconnections when retrieving the server list


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