Google certified Top Floor Technologies for Google Adwords

Top Floor Technologies, a New Berlin-based Search Engine Marketing and
Web Development firm, was officially named a Google Adwords Qualified
Company on November 11th. The designation is bestowed by Google onto
companies that have demonstrated a deep knowledge of how to manage
successful Adwords pay per click marketing and the experience of managing a significant monthly PPC budget.

"I believe that the new qualification is a testament to the success we
provide our clients. By continually showing an impressive return on
their marketing investment, our clients continue to do business with us
month after month," said Jo Stumpner, PPC Manager at Top Floor.

Technically, an Adwords Qualified Company
is one with two or more Adwords Qualified individuals on staff and a
total Adwords spend of at least $100,000 over a 90 day period. To
become a Qualified Individual one must pass Google’s Adwords aptitude

Google rewarded Top Floor Technologies with a Qualified Company logo,
which Top Floor added to their site and that links to Top Floor’s
Advertising Professional profile. The badge of honor essentially
notifies visitors to Top Floor’s site that Top Floor provides extensive
knowledge and experience running Adwords campaigns. It is estimated
that there are fewer than 160 Adwords Qualified Companies in the U.S.

Since anyone can create, run and manage a Google Adwords paid campaign,
the Qualified Company designation allows advertisers to identify those
companies that possess a high level of skill to run Adwords campaigns
effectively. Using a Google Adwords Qualified Company ensures
advertisers that they are working with a company that has a dedicated
Adwords department with proven abilities to manage thousands of dollars
in ad spend per month consistently.

For Top Floor, the road to managing $100,000 in total PPC budget
every 90 days started about a year ago, when Top Floor expanded their Search Engine Optimization
program by taking on the management of the paid aspect of search engine
marketing. In only a year the company has already achieved the
recognition of being a highly trusted resource for Adwords campaign

"Top Floor’s PPC department has experienced tremendous growth, even
in this year’s challenging economy," Stumpner said. "What started as a
team of one has grown into a dedicated group of hard workers, all of
whom are certified Google Adwords Professionals. Through our team’s
hard work and commitment to Adwords excellence, our clients benefit
from increased website traffic, leads, and sales; with an emphasis on
low cost per acquisition."



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