AirKast Launches Customized Mobile Application

AirKast, the leader in enterprise-class digital media distribution solutions, announced today that it has launched a customized mobile application for Greater Media Charlotte’s WLNK station to deliver streaming live radio to its listeners. This branded application, containing real-time digital media and online content, was developed using TuneKast, a solution designed for terrestrial and Internet-based radio stations and delivered via the AirBridge digital media delivery platform.

"WLNK partnered with AirKast because of its commitment to multiple mobile platforms and integration with Ando Media for targeted ad insertion," said Jonathan Mauney, interactive director for Greater Media Charlotte. "By untethering our online listeners from their desktop computers, we give them the ability to truly listen wherever and whenever they want through live mobile streaming and mobile on-demand. We look forward to growing our online audience through mobile and providing another unique opportunity for our advertisers to reach potential customers. " Applications powered by AirBridge are reliable, secure and scalable so stations can target large audiences via mobile and other connected consumer electronic (CE) devices. AirBridge is a hosted environment comprised of a broad set of built-in interactive capabilities that allows branded applications to be brought to market quickly, and allows companies to focus on developing competitive advantages instead of technical and infrastructure issues. AirBridge currently supports market-leading mobile devices, including iPhone,BlackBerry (all models including Storm) and Android. For the radio broadcasting industry, AirBridge is fully integrated with proven ad networks and station service providers, such as Ando Media, Triton Digital Media, StreamTheWorld and LiquidCompass.

"We’re very pleased to see WLNK take advantage of this revolutionary mobile technology to create a mobile presence for its listeners, advertisers and sponsors," said Larry Leung, chief executive officer for AirKast. "WLNK can now offer all types of unique mobile content – such as loyalty programs for listeners and video spots for advertisers – without worrying about the technology behind the application. We allow stations to focus their creativity on their customers’ needs." With TuneKast, terrestrial and Internet-based radio stations are given numerous opportunities to increase the distribution of their content in order to attract sponsors and advertisers. Each TuneKast application is "dynamically brand-able" which means that, in addition to in-sync ads, stations can change sponsor information as well as the application’s look-and-feel in real-time without performing application updates. Additionally, stations can give advertisers and sponsors access to value-added services and capabilities, such as location-based targeting, pre-roll video capabilities and clickable ads to continually interest audiences.

Used by more than 850 of the nation’s most popular terrestrial radio stations, TuneKast offers many ways to encourage active listener participation, such as loyalty programs. TuneKast applications are seamlessly integrated with Ando Media’s market-leading ad trafficking and metrics measurement system. This combination gives stations the power to monetize their digital media and online content for mobile devices, while monitoring and measuring in real-time audience and ad campaign performances from numerous forms of advertising and sponsorships.


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